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90th Annual New Boston Fish Fry Weekend Schedule
Posted by Ralyn on 2011/8/22 0:40:00 (1916 reads)

New Boston will be celebrating their 90th Annual Fish Fry on Aug 27th, with a full weekend of events planned. The first New Boston Fish Fry was held in August, 1921, when the farmers of Bay Island district joined the town’s merchants to host the event. A flood that previous spring had brought everyone from town and country together to help sandbag and patrol the levees. The Fish Fry Celebration originated as a thank you celebration for the town working tirelessly to help protect Bay Island and remains an annual tradition.

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Special New Boston Fish Fry Meeting
Posted by Ralyn on 2011/7/19 21:10:52 (1228 reads)

There will be a special meeting held on Friday, July 22 @ 10am for New Boston's annual Fish Fry. Volunteers are needed - if you cannot make the meeting, but would like to help, there are volunteer sign up sheets in the City Hall and at The Barn.

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New Boston Fish Fry to New Boston Hometown Festival
Posted by Ralyn on 2011/4/30 10:30:00 (1771 reads)

The Community Club of New Boston met on Thursday, April 28th. Community Club members in attendence were Lenise Phillips, Tammy Phillips, Deeters, Nancy Nelson, & Ralyn Schraceo.

Nancy Nelson was unanimously voted in as the new Treasurer. A new unofficial position of Community Club Historian was discussed and delegated to Ralyn Schraceo.

New Boston Fish Fry Planning:
It was decided unanimously last year to not have the same carnival back for this year. While there has been a better potential carnival found; they were already booked and will not be available for this year.

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Special Notice: New Boston Postal Service
Posted by Ralyn on 2011/4/11 10:49:56 (20673 reads)

The temporary community boxes are up and ready to turn New Boston into a trailer court. The boxes are located on the corner lot of Main & 4th St. All New Boston postal customers need to pick up their key(s) at the Joy post office. Anticipated mail delivery to the community boxes will be Wednesday, April 13, 2011.

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High School Athletic Track/Football Project
Posted by Hawkeye70 on 2011/4/9 14:10:12 (1314 reads)

On Wednesday, April 20th. at 6:30 there will be an information meeting at the Community Center in New Boston on the new 8 lane track and football facility upgrade project. The project is being funded by private donations. The fund raising team and School Board member ,Barbara Chiles, will host the meeting.

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Mercer County Election Results
Posted by Ralyn on 2011/4/6 6:00:00 (2026 reads)

Barb Chiles, Bill Smock, & Marta Tucker were elected for Mercer County School Board
(9 running candidates ran for three seats)
Barb Chiles-1,068
Bill Smock-923
Marta Tucker-906
Victor Johnson-825
Ryan Struble-648
Mike Retherford-601
Jessica Sackville-473
Greg Beckman-355
Joe Olson-323

Audio interview with Barb Chiles - WRMJ Radio: Barb Chiles Interview

1% sales tax proposal for schools was defeated

Citizen's Party made a clean sweep in Aledo, Illinois.

Aledo Mayor Results
Bill Breeden - 1,037
Dick Hunter to 222 (Incumbent Mayor)

Ward 1 Alderman
Chris Hagloch - 243
Bob Rillie - 55 (Incumbent)

Ward 2 Alderman
Pat Rentfro - 185
Ryan Maynard - 48

Ward 3 Alderman
Mike Chausse - 302
Rich Maynard - 141 (Incumbent)

Ward 4 Alderman
Jay Doherty - 186
Randy Franks - 73

*as reported by WRMJ Radio

Chris DeFrieze was elected the new Mayor of New Boston, Doug Ramer Ward 2 Alderman. All other positions were uncontested.

New Boston Mayor
Chis DeFrieze-118
Dennis Dixon-82 (Incumbent Mayor)

Ward 1 Alderman
Mark Fourdyce (Incumbent)

New Boston City Alderman Ward 2
Doug Ramer-22
Gary Adams-11

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Free Movie Premiere - New Boston, Illinois
Posted by Ralyn on 2011/3/21 20:00:00 (2327 reads)


The Child: America’s Battle for the Next Generation

New Boston, Illinois -- For Virginia resident Grace Tate, 18, and her crew at Watchman Cinema (LLC), filming their first full-length documentary eliminated any preconceived notions about the glamour of filmmaking. Working in the rain, checking into hotels at one or two in the morning, and waking up at 5:30-6:00 a.m. became regular occurrences for the crew working on The Child this past year.

Grace's team—hailing from Virginia, North Carolina and South Carolina—brought together a group of talented young people including her brother Daniel Tate (16) and friends Daniel Heffington (20), Elissa Kruse (18), Ray Ma (17), Alaina Wright (18), Justin Wright (17), Timothy Wright (15) and the guidance of Grace's parents, Larry and Gina Tate.

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SPECIAL NOTICE: New Boston Residents
Posted by Ralyn on 2011/3/9 14:28:35 (1345 reads)

We need letters and statements on how the closing of the New Boston post office has and will affect you - ASAP.

We are working with Ken Moffett at Bobby Schilling's office to fight for our post office - these statements are needed by his request.

Please contact Barb Chiles or Ralyn Schraceo with your statements or for more information.

Ralyn Schraceo
403 Jefferson (behind Deeters)
New Boston, IL

Statements can be dropped off at Ralyn Schraceo's house to be forwarded to Congressman Schilling's office. Help us fight for our post office!

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No Mail for New Boston
Posted by Ralyn on 2011/2/4 15:50:00 (914 reads)

WRMJ reported that New Boston's post office will be temporarily closed, today:

Audio: New Boston Mayor Dennis Dixon

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Community Club of New Boston Post-Fish Fry Meeting
Posted by Ralyn on 2010/9/12 15:00:00 (4783 reads)

The Community Club of New Boston held their first meeting since the 2010 Annual Fish Fry, which was held Aug 13-15, on Sep 12th. Attending the meeting were Lenise Phillips, President, Dave Phillips, Vice President, Tammie Phillips, Secretary, Shane Nelson, Nancy Nelson, Dee Smith, and Ralyn Speerly Schraceo.

Shane Nelson was unanimously voted in charge of picking up the Community Club mail. The Community Club received a very nice thank you card from the Methodist Church group for allowing them to have their home-baked goodies booth at the Annual Fish Fry.

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